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100% Free Shipping Cheap Bargain Gift Organic Cotton Queen White Award Weave Sateen Sheet Fitted 40

100% Organic Cotton Queen White Fitted Sheet | Sateen Weave | 40


100% Organic Cotton Queen White Fitted Sheet | Sateen Weave | 40

From the brand

Organic Cotton Sheets
Fabdreams Organic

Our story

How we got our start?
We started as an organic cotton sheets company- hence the ‘dreams’ part in our name. We got into this because we want to make people’s days better. We all know that feeling of crawling into soft sheets or wrapping ourselves in a thick, fluffy towel. It’s not newsworthy, but it’s a good feeling.
What makes our product unique?
More than just comfort, we wanted to start a business that treats people and the planet with respect and dignity. It’s why we manage our entire supply chain to ensure workplaces that are healthy, fair and safe. We are affordable and sustainably made using GOTS organic cotton.
Why we love what we do?
We are a proud supporter of Jove Conscious Foundation- an organization that empowers women from socially vulnerable backgrounds in India by providing skill-based training and employment opportunities. When you buy our products, a portion of profits help these women find financial independence.

Product Description


Our factory manufactures the linen in-house as we wish to give the best to our customers. We source raw organic cotton from farmers, clean it and spin it into yarn. The yarn is then used to make the fabric and stitched together to make comfortable, durable and luxurious bedding for you.


100% Organic Cotton Queen White Fitted Sheet | Sateen Weave | 40

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