$4 JD Compatible for ZTE Blade A7 Prime Glass Screen Protector (3- Cell Phones Accessories Accessories JD Compatible for ZTE Blade A7 Clearance SALE! Limited time! Protector Glass Screen 3- Prime $4 JD Compatible for ZTE Blade A7 Prime Glass Screen Protector (3- Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Compatible,for,Protector,$4,Screen,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,(3-,Glass,Prime,/chloroacetic1701633.html,marketingmindz.com,ZTE,A7,Blade,JD Compatible,for,Protector,$4,Screen,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,(3-,Glass,Prime,/chloroacetic1701633.html,marketingmindz.com,ZTE,A7,Blade,JD JD Compatible for ZTE Blade A7 Clearance SALE! Limited time! Protector Glass Screen 3- Prime

JD Compatible for ZTE Blade A7 Clearance SALE Limited time Protector Glass Same day shipping Screen 3- Prime

JD Compatible for ZTE Blade A7 Prime Glass Screen Protector (3-


JD Compatible for ZTE Blade A7 Prime Glass Screen Protector (3-

Product description

Color:3 Packs

Please read: Our screen protector is not full coverage. Please be aware of this before purchase.


Compatible for ZTE Blade A7 Prime | Color: 3 Packs

Perfect Protection
Maximum protection from high impact drops, scratches, scrapes, and bumps.

Design for ZTE Blade A7 Prime
HD Ultra-clear Ballistic Glass is quality cut to perfectly match the edges of ONLY screen (not the frame). 99 percent Touch-screen accurate!

Ultra-clear Screen
99.9 percent High-definition clear hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating protects against sweat and oil residue from fingerprints.

Natural Screen Experience
This glass screen protector features a Surface Hardness (9H), which is 3X stronger than the PET film, and providing a natural screen experience you need.

What's in the box?
3 x Jamp;D Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

JD Compatible for ZTE Blade A7 Prime Glass Screen Protector (3-

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