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LR Home Handcrafted Black Chevron Jute tan Pouf Max New popularity 61% OFF Natural

LR Home Handcrafted Black Chevron Natural Jute Pouf, tan/Black,


LR Home Handcrafted Black Chevron Natural Jute Pouf, tan/Black,

Product description

Designed to provide your space with versatility and style, our handcrafted pouf collection is the perfect addition for functional, fashionable living. Constructed by meticulous craftsman in India, this geometric jute pouf features natural fibers woven together to enhance your home's ambience. Bring this pouf home today for a practical and playful accent to tie your decor together. This pouf is suited for indoor usage.

LR Home Handcrafted Black Chevron Natural Jute Pouf, tan/Black,

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