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Aurora Mouse Japan Maker New Pads for Year-end gift Wireless Rubber Mousepad St Farbiunu

Aurora Mouse Pads for Wireless Mouse,Farbiunu Rubber Mousepad,St


Aurora Mouse Pads for Wireless Mouse,Farbiunu Rubber Mousepad,St

Product Description

Farbiunu Mouse Pad

aurora mouse pad notebook computer coffee desktop work space

Wide Applicability

Available for all types of mouse, LASER amp; OPTICAL. Ideal size for daily use. 3mm thickness to adapt to all surfaces.Exquisite picture add personality to your office or home, perfect for all style desktop.

Farbiunu Mouse Pad

aurora mouse pad  keyboard desktop work space earphone

It is Your Right Hand

With a superbly smooth surface and anti-slip natural rubber base, this mouse mat is designed to assist and enhance the performance of your mouse. Ideal choice for game, work or daily use.

Aurora Mouse Pads for Wireless Mouse,Farbiunu Rubber Mousepad,St

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