$36,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Lig,Throw,marketingmindz.com,Turkish,Bohemian,/cynipoid1311349.html,Print,Blanket,,Tribal,Style,InfuseZen $36,Home Kitchen , Bedding,Lig,Throw,marketingmindz.com,Turkish,Bohemian,/cynipoid1311349.html,Print,Blanket,,Tribal,Style,InfuseZen InfuseZen Bohemian Style Turkish Throw Lig Blanket Tribal Print Max 83% OFF InfuseZen Bohemian Style Turkish Throw Lig Blanket Tribal Print Max 83% OFF $36 InfuseZen Bohemian Style Turkish Throw Blanket, Tribal Print Lig Home Kitchen Bedding $36 InfuseZen Bohemian Style Turkish Throw Blanket, Tribal Print Lig Home Kitchen Bedding

InfuseZen Bohemian Style Turkish Throw Lig Blanket Elegant Tribal Print Max 83% OFF

InfuseZen Bohemian Style Turkish Throw Blanket, Tribal Print Lig


InfuseZen Bohemian Style Turkish Throw Blanket, Tribal Print Lig

Product description


Just slightly thicker than a bedsheet. Lightweight and cozy. Yet SO MUCH MORE Stylish than a typical throw banket?

Is That Possible?

If you are sick and tired of all those bulky blankets that take up space, aren’t pretty to look at and just don’t keep you warm, this is your lucky day!

Introducing The InfuseZen Premium 100% Turkish Cotton throw blanket in a stunning tribal print. Perfect for any style home whether you prefer modern, contemporary, traditional or bohemian.

Now you can finally have a throw blanket that is not only ultra-lightweight and thin, but also extremely comfortable and nice to look at!

And The Best Part? Your Turkish throw blanket will get EVEN MORE SOFT AND COMFORTABLE after every wash!

Top 3 Reasons To Choose Turkish Cotton Throw Blanket:

100% Turkish Cotton Fabric: unlike other cheaply-made blankets, our Turkish throw with woven tribal designs is made from 100% premium Turkish cotton, which has longer fibers and will become softer and fluffier after every wash.

One Throw Blanket, Unlimited Uses: you can use your Aztec printed throw blanket as a couch or sofa throw, a partial bed cover, a seat cover, table cloth, beach blanket, extra blanket in your car, picnic blanket and so much more

Oversized Yet Lightweight: our 72 inches wide x 91 inches long (+1.5 inch fringe on each side) thin Turkish cotton throw blanket is ideal for any season. Use it as a throw blanket in your living room or as a partial bed cover in your bedroom. Makes a great addition to any style home décor and can be carried around with you from room to room. Makes a luxury statement in a guest bedroom as well. Big enough for two people!

Need More Reasons?

Available In 4 Beautiful Color Combinations (Charcoal/Cream, Blue/Cream, Light Brown/Cream and Cranberry/Cream)

Stylish Tribal Woven Design

Great Housewarming Gift For Your Loved Ones

InfuseZen Bohemian Style Turkish Throw Blanket, Tribal Print Lig

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