$4 HZFJ 1PCS 1/2" Drip Irrigation Tubing to Faucet/Garden Hose Adap Patio, Lawn Garden Gardening Lawn Care HZFJ 1PCS 1 2" Drip Ranking TOP11 Irrigation Hose Garden Adap to Faucet Tubing Patio, Lawn Garden , Gardening Lawn Care,Adap,marketingmindz.com,Faucet/Garden,HZFJ,Irrigation,Tubing,1/2",to,Hose,$4,/electrovalency1311117.html,Drip,1PCS Patio, Lawn Garden , Gardening Lawn Care,Adap,marketingmindz.com,Faucet/Garden,HZFJ,Irrigation,Tubing,1/2",to,Hose,$4,/electrovalency1311117.html,Drip,1PCS $4 HZFJ 1PCS 1/2" Drip Irrigation Tubing to Faucet/Garden Hose Adap Patio, Lawn Garden Gardening Lawn Care HZFJ 1PCS 1 2" Drip Ranking TOP11 Irrigation Hose Garden Adap to Faucet Tubing


HZFJ 1PCS 1/2" Drip Irrigation Tubing to Faucet/Garden Hose Adap


HZFJ 1PCS 1/2" Drip Irrigation Tubing to Faucet/Garden Hose Adap

Product description

Size:1PCS 3/4GHT(F) to 1/2 Barb

Qty: 1PCS. You will receive a pack of 1 individual adapters. This connector is ideal for drip system watering kit installations such as solid set, drip line or other low flow agriculture, landscape, nursery, residential and commercial irrigation. Perfect irrigation riser part for conversion of 1/2" tubing to your faucet head attachment, garden hose or soaker hose. With reliable universal fit, these drip system head irrigation adapters are essential drip irrigation supplies.

To Install:

1) Twist collar clockwise toward center of fitting.

2) Firmly push the end of the irrigation tubing over the exposed barb. If necessary you can warm the tubing by letting it sit in the sun or running hot water or a hair dryer over it so it will stretch over the barb component fairly easily.


3/4" Female Hose Thread x 1/2" Tubing

Acceptable Inside Diameter: (11.0 to 13.0mm)

Acceptable Wall Thickness: 0.045 to 0.055 in (1.14 to 1.40mm)

For use with 12 mm and 13 mm ID tubing

Materials: brass

Operating pressure up to 120 PSI

Low effort, quickly locks in place, no special tools needed

Barbed head ensures distribution tubing will not slip out or blow off at high pressure and temperature

To connect Total CV and poly / polyethylene supply tubing or distribution hose tubing

hose clamp - for flushing or winterizing the drip system

Approved for use in waste water systems

HZFJ 1PCS 1/2" Drip Irrigation Tubing to Faucet/Garden Hose Adap


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Australian leaders appear thankful that the global commitments at COP26 weren’t more ambitious.
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November 17, 2021

Decoding Nanaia Mahuta’s First Foreign Trip

November 15, 2021

AUKUS, Civic Decay, and the Challenges Facing Democratic Coalitions

November 13, 2021

Pacific Leaders Agree on Vaccines But Not on US Hosting APEC


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