$14 Beistle 120 Foot Oktoberfest Bavarian Check Flag Pennant Banner Home Kitchen Event Party Supplies $14 Beistle 120 Foot Oktoberfest Bavarian Check Flag Pennant Banner Home Kitchen Event Party Supplies 120,Banner,Oktoberfest,Bavarian,marketingmindz.com,Pennant,Foot,Beistle,/faradism1311106.html,Home Kitchen , Event Party Supplies,$14,Flag,Check Beistle 120 Foot Oktoberfest Bavarian Banner Ranking TOP16 Check Flag Pennant Beistle 120 Foot Oktoberfest Bavarian Banner Ranking TOP16 Check Flag Pennant 120,Banner,Oktoberfest,Bavarian,marketingmindz.com,Pennant,Foot,Beistle,/faradism1311106.html,Home Kitchen , Event Party Supplies,$14,Flag,Check

Beistle 120 Foot Oktoberfest Bavarian Banner Ranking Super popular specialty store TOP16 Check Flag Pennant

Beistle 120 Foot Oktoberfest Bavarian Check Flag Pennant Banner


Beistle 120 Foot Oktoberfest Bavarian Check Flag Pennant Banner

Product description

Decorate for your Oktoberfest celebration with our Oktoberfest Pennant Banner! This plastic Oktoberfest Pennant Banner features the traditional bavarian blue and white harlequin pattern. It has a 12' long cord with 10" triangular pennants. Be sure to check out all our Oktoberfest party supplies. 1 per package.

Beistle 120 Foot Oktoberfest Bavarian Check Flag Pennant Banner


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