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Bangle Bracelets for Women Rose Plated Bra Gold Crystals 25% OFF latest

Bangle Bracelets for Women, Rose Gold Plated,Crystals Bangle Bra


Bangle Bracelets for Women, Rose Gold Plated,Crystals Bangle Bra

Product description

Our Women's Stainless Steel Bangle Slip-On Bracelet is a perfect gift for someone who has average wrist size. This timeless and classic bangle can be worn with any attire.

The individually chasing one's own life style or conception of the world with three colors : silver, golden, rose golden , original and great polishment.

Oval-Shape Slip-On, open size width is 1.38 inch, Width: 0.4 inch, Diameter/Length: 2.5 inch, Weight: 0.6 oz, thickness 2mm

Made with 18k Gold Plated Surgical Stainless Steel

100% Hypoallergenic:
You will not break out using our products!

Bangle Bracelets for Women, Rose Gold Plated,Crystals Bangle Bra

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Women Plated Glass 1.3; padding-bottom: Medium