$7 OMG Party Factory - Ice Cream Balloon Party Decorations | Perfec Home Kitchen Event Party Supplies $7 OMG Party Factory - Ice Cream Balloon Party Decorations | Perfec Home Kitchen Event Party Supplies OMG Party Factory - Ice Balloon Free shipping on posting reviews Decorations Perfec Cream OMG Party Factory - Ice Balloon Free shipping on posting reviews Decorations Perfec Cream Cream,Balloon,-,marketingmindz.com,Ice,$7,Home Kitchen , Event Party Supplies,Party,|,/Mart1348155.html,Party,OMG,Factory,Perfec,Decorations Cream,Balloon,-,marketingmindz.com,Ice,$7,Home Kitchen , Event Party Supplies,Party,|,/Mart1348155.html,Party,OMG,Factory,Perfec,Decorations

OMG Party Factory - Ice Milwaukee Mall Balloon Free shipping on posting reviews Decorations Perfec Cream

OMG Party Factory - Ice Cream Balloon Party Decorations | Perfec


OMG Party Factory - Ice Cream Balloon Party Decorations | Perfec

Product description

We have the perfect Ice Cream party decorations for the occasion:

A few notes about our Ice Cream Party Balloons:

✓ So here’s what you’re getting: 2 white with sprinkles 18inch star balloons, 2 circular 18inch balloons decorated with ice cream sundaes and ice cream cones with the work “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” printed on both sides, 1 large “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” Ice Cream Sundae balloon, balloon ribbon and a straw for super easy inflation!

✓ Party tested + approved... our balloons will last all day into night!

✓ All balloons are helium ready or can be filled with air. It’s your choice! Also all balloons are double-sided which means no angling for those perfect photos.

It’s perfect for:

► Ice Cream Themed Parties

► Ice Cream Themed Baby Showers

► Ice Cream Themed Bridal Showers

► And More!

Our balloons are ready for their close up - we can't wait to see what memories you create!

So what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate and Add to Cart NOW!


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OMG Party Factory - Ice Cream Balloon Party Decorations | Perfec

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