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New Free Shipping Kuryakyn 2476 Selling and selling Motorcycle Lighting: Orbit Headlig LED 7

Kuryakyn 2476 Motorcycle Lighting: Orbit 7" LED Headlamp Headlig


Kuryakyn 2476 Motorcycle Lighting: Orbit 7" LED Headlamp Headlig

Product description

The Kuryakyn 2476 Orbit 7" LED Headlight offers an ultra high-performance DOT-approved LED headlamp; provides superior visibility and additional "wow factor". Powerful high-output LEDs significantly enhance the rider's night-time field of vision and all-around visibility. Features 2600 raw lumen output using high beam with 1350 raw lumen output using low beam; reduced high beam current draw 3. 0 amps and low beam 1. 5 amps. Gain uniform light distribution and greater temperature stability; colour temperature of 6000K. Created durable with IP67-rated aluminium housing and a UV-protected, scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens; uses standard H4 3-blade connector and includes all mounting hardware. Exceeds applicable DOT and Transport Canada requirements. Includes (1) headlight, (1) headlight mounting bracket, (1) headlight mounting bracket bottom, and (1) hardware kit; suggested for installation (not included): hex wrench set, Philips screwdriver, wire stripper, electrical and masking tape. The Kuryakyn 2476 Orbit 7" LED Headlight is compatible with Harley-Davidson models: '94-'20 Electra Glides, Road Kings, Street Glides, and Trikes, '18-'20 Fat Boy, '91-'17 FL Softail (with 7" headlights), and '12-'16 Dyna Switchback, '14-'20 Electra Glides, '14 CVO Road King, Street Glides, Trikes, and '18-'20 Fat Boy (require wiring adapter, not included), '14-'20 Road Kings (excludes '14 CVO Road King) (require wiring adapter, not included), Indian motorcycle models: '14-'20 (excludes Scout) (requires orbit headlight adapter, not included), and Yamaha models: '98-'10 V Star 650 Classic and Silverado, '00-'09 V Star 1100 Classic and Silverado, and '99-'13 Road Star Models (excludes Warrior).

Kuryakyn 2476 Motorcycle Lighting: Orbit 7" LED Headlamp Headlig

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