CIMITIKI Straight Black Lace Recommended Front Wigs Hair Silk Long Synthetic Front,Silk,$28,Long,Hair,Lace,,Wigs,Synthetic,Black,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Straight,/betrumpet1325654.html,CIMITIKI $28 CIMITIKI Straight Black Lace Front Wigs Synthetic Hair Long Silk Beauty Personal Care Hair Care CIMITIKI Straight Black Lace Recommended Front Wigs Hair Silk Long Synthetic Front,Silk,$28,Long,Hair,Lace,,Wigs,Synthetic,Black,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Straight,/betrumpet1325654.html,CIMITIKI $28 CIMITIKI Straight Black Lace Front Wigs Synthetic Hair Long Silk Beauty Personal Care Hair Care

CIMITIKI Straight Black Lace Recommended security Front Wigs Hair Silk Long Synthetic

CIMITIKI Straight Black Lace Front Wigs Synthetic Hair Long Silk


CIMITIKI Straight Black Lace Front Wigs Synthetic Hair Long Silk

Product Description

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Color 13X6 Black Black Curly Blonde Green Copper Red Blonde
Length 24inch 24inch 24inch 22inch 18inch 14inch

Why CIMITIKI Straight Black Lace Wigs?

Because we utilize only the highest-quality 100% natural similar as human hair in order to offer you the most realistic, durable and celebrity-like wigs!

Now please check out our storefront buy the finest wigs make sure that you look like a true fashion icon. Just set foot on your fashion journey!


Brand Name: CIMITIKI

Material: Synthetic Fiber Wig Black

Base Material: Swiss Lace

Wig Type: 13X3 Long Black Lace Wig

Processing: Half Hand Tied

Texture: Straight Black Wig

Length: 24inch

Weight: 300g

Hair Density: 180%

Cap Size: Average Size

Hair Color: Natural Hair Black Wigs

Lace Color: Medium Brown

Package Includes: 1 x Wig; 2 x Wig Caps

CIMITIKI Straight Black Lace Front Wigs Synthetic Hair Long Silk

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