$11 Jeremywell Sun Shade Sail Hardware Kit - 8 Inches - Super Heavy Patio, Lawn Garden Patio Furniture Accessories Hardware,Sail,-,Inches,Shade,marketingmindz.com,$11,Patio, Lawn Garden , Patio Furniture Accessories,/bisonant1311215.html,Sun,8,Heavy,Kit,Super,-,Jeremywell Jeremywell Sun Shade Sail Hardware Kit Milwaukee Mall Inches Super Heavy 8 - $11 Jeremywell Sun Shade Sail Hardware Kit - 8 Inches - Super Heavy Patio, Lawn Garden Patio Furniture Accessories Hardware,Sail,-,Inches,Shade,marketingmindz.com,$11,Patio, Lawn Garden , Patio Furniture Accessories,/bisonant1311215.html,Sun,8,Heavy,Kit,Super,-,Jeremywell Jeremywell Sun Shade Sail Hardware Kit Milwaukee Mall Inches Super Heavy 8 -

Jeremywell Sun Popularity Shade Sail Hardware Kit Milwaukee Mall Inches Super Heavy 8 -

Jeremywell Sun Shade Sail Hardware Kit - 8 Inches - Super Heavy


Jeremywell Sun Shade Sail Hardware Kit - 8 Inches - Super Heavy

Product description

Our Jeremywell Shade Sail hardware kit for Triangle Shade Sails consists of:
Turnbuckle x 2 pcs
Eye Plates x 4 pcs
Snap Hook x 2 pcs
Screw x 12 pcs
Plastic expansion x 12 pcs.
(Shade sail not included)

This Jeremywell Shade Sail Hardware Installation Kit is made for TRIANGLE sun shade sails, It's easy to operate and comes with everything you need to hang a shade sail.

Adjustable turnbuckle helps create tension and is designed to keep your shade sail from being whisked away by a swift breeze or being rocked by harsh weather conditions.

Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Sun Shade Sail Hardware Kit for Outdoor Patio Garden TRIANGLE, Sun Shade Sails Fixing Accessories. .

8 Inch Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Shade Sail Hardware Kit for TRIANGLE Sun Shade Sails, Shade Sail Accessories with Screws.

Sail Hardware Kit made of high quality stainless steel, windproof, durable and anti-rust, perfect for marine and rough weather application, special for outdoor using.

Usage - turnbuckles, eye plate and Snap Hook to hang a Triangle, rectangle shade sail or awning, install a rectangle eye plate to any structure, tree, or pole.
Turnbuckle - M8, Adjustable turnbuckle to create good tension.
Snap Hook - M8, Easy to attach to turnbuckles and eye plate tightly.
Heavy Duty Sun Shade Sail Hardware Kit for Triangle, Sun Shade Sail Fixing Accessories.

Jeremywell Sun Shade Sail Hardware Kit - 8 Inches - Super Heavy

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