Eco-Dent Gentlefloss Detroit Mall Premium Dental Floss 1 menthe mint Count Eco-Dent,1,Dental,Beauty Personal Care , Oral Care,,menthe,,Premium,/conniver1589753.html,$4,Floss,,Count,mint,Gentlefloss $4 Eco-Dent Gentlefloss Premium Dental Floss, mint menthe, 1 Count Beauty Personal Care Oral Care Eco-Dent,1,Dental,Beauty Personal Care , Oral Care,,menthe,,Premium,/conniver1589753.html,$4,Floss,,Count,mint,Gentlefloss Eco-Dent Gentlefloss Detroit Mall Premium Dental Floss 1 menthe mint Count $4 Eco-Dent Gentlefloss Premium Dental Floss, mint menthe, 1 Count Beauty Personal Care Oral Care

Eco-Dent Gentlefloss Detroit Mall Premium Dental Floss 1 menthe Free Shipping New mint Count

Eco-Dent Gentlefloss Premium Dental Floss, mint menthe, 1 Count


Eco-Dent Gentlefloss Premium Dental Floss, mint menthe, 1 Count

Product description

Eco-dent gentle floss premium dental floss mint menthe. Description: reduces tooth decay. Helps eliminate plaque. Freshens breath. No plastic box. 100% vegan waxed. Economical - 100 yards. Better for your teeth and your planet. As many as 700 million plastic floss containers are discarded each year. As much as 9 million pounds of non-renewable, non-recycled floss container - not to mention wasteful secondary packaging, like boxes and blister-cards-end up in our already over-crowded landfills each year. Only eco-dent gentle floss offers you an alternative to this incredible packaging waste. Lower cost per flossing. Less packaging waste. Free of animal products. Disclaimer these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Eco-Dent Gentlefloss Premium Dental Floss, mint menthe, 1 Count


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