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Discount is also underway BLCPRO Ultrasonic 35% OFF Pest Repeller Modes 4 Electronic Repelle

BLCPRO Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, 4 Modes Electronic Pest Repelle


BLCPRO Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, 4 Modes Electronic Pest Repelle

From the manufacturer



BLCPRO is a new lifestyle brand. The aim of the brand is to design and produce beautiful and useful products to make sure every dear customer can enjoy not expensive but high quality products and the ideal green life.


[MODE 1 - MOUSE] This mode is primarily for rats and mice, and has certain inhibitory effects on other pests.

[MODE 2 - MOSQUITO] This mode is primarily for micro-insects such as mosquitoes, and has certain inhibitory effects on other pests.

[MODE 3 - COCKROACH] This model is primarily for medium pests such as cockroaches, and has certain inhibitory effects on other pests.

[MODE 4 - STW] This mode is resist all pests and the product reaches maximum power. Note: This mode is for unmanned environments only.

BLCPRO electronic pest repellent indoor bring you a dreaming of a pest-free home - with the latest triple-effect ultrasonic technology, you will never see mice scurrying in the kitchen, cockroaches occupying drawers and cabinets or mosquitoes are biting your sleeping baby. BLCPRO's latest ultrasonic technology can effectively repel pests such as mosquito, mouse, rat, roach, ant, bedbug, wasp, spider, rodent, etc., and you needn't to carry out tedious pest body cleaning work, providing you with economic, effective and environmental friendly solutions.

BLCPRO Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, 4 Modes Electronic Pest Repelle

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