CoolingCare Control A Arms for 2001-2 YFM660R 660R OFFicial shop Yamaha Raptor CoolingCare Control A Arms for 2001-2 YFM660R 660R OFFicial shop Yamaha Raptor Raptor,CoolingCare,for,Yamaha,YFM660R,$160,A,Arms,660R,2001-2,Control,/cyanine1589719.html,,Automotive , Replacement Parts $160 CoolingCare Control A Arms for Yamaha Raptor 660R YFM660R 2001-2 Automotive Replacement Parts $160 CoolingCare Control A Arms for Yamaha Raptor 660R YFM660R 2001-2 Automotive Replacement Parts Raptor,CoolingCare,for,Yamaha,YFM660R,$160,A,Arms,660R,2001-2,Control,/cyanine1589719.html,,Automotive , Replacement Parts

CoolingCare Control A Arms for 2001-2 YFM660R 660R Weekly update OFFicial shop Yamaha Raptor

CoolingCare Control A Arms for Yamaha Raptor 660R YFM660R 2001-2


CoolingCare Control A Arms for Yamaha Raptor 660R YFM660R 2001-2

Product description

Package Including:
* Front Lower Left A-Arm
* Front Lower Right A-Arm
* Front Upper Left A-Arm
* Front Upper Right A-Arm
* 1 Forward
* 2 Wider
* Our Pictures Show The Acutal Item You Will Receive!

This A arms compatible with:
Yamaha Raptor 660 660R (All Years)

Part Number: 17-2418, 10-249

Made of High Quality T304 Stainless Steel Material
Direct Bolt-On Installation, Requires NO Modification
Camber adjustable, Caster adjustable to match your riding style, toe in adjustable
New Delrin bushings are included and pre installed
Zerk fittings included to make it easy to grease the bushings
This kit uses your stock steel bushings and your stock dust caps
Tie rods are made from stainless steel
Upper and Lower ball joints are included - NO spindle reaming required
Made for Stock length shocks - O.E.M. or aftermarket
GULLWING SHAPE: The swept design of our arms give you the maximum possible clearance in ruts and other obstacles.

CoolingCare Control A Arms for Yamaha Raptor 660R YFM660R 2001-2

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Mystic Sprinkles Carnival Confetti Mix 2.6oz Bottle
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