|,DAKODA,Solid,Block,Butcher,/cynipoid1581649.html,|,Floating,$143,Shelves,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Hardwood,|,LOVE,marketingmindz.com $143 DAKODA LOVE Floating Shelves | Butcher Block | Solid Hardwood | Home Kitchen Home Décor Products DAKODA Wholesale LOVE Floating Shelves Block Butcher Solid Hardwood DAKODA Wholesale LOVE Floating Shelves Block Butcher Solid Hardwood $143 DAKODA LOVE Floating Shelves | Butcher Block | Solid Hardwood | Home Kitchen Home Décor Products |,DAKODA,Solid,Block,Butcher,/cynipoid1581649.html,|,Floating,$143,Shelves,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Hardwood,|,LOVE,marketingmindz.com

DAKODA Wholesale LOVE Floating Shelves Some reservation Block Butcher Solid Hardwood

DAKODA LOVE Floating Shelves | Butcher Block | Solid Hardwood |


DAKODA LOVE Floating Shelves | Butcher Block | Solid Hardwood |

Product Description

clean edge floating shelves solid wood maple poplar hardwood rugged distressed floating shelves solid wood maple poplar hardwood butcher block floating shelves solid wood maple poplar hardwood solid walnut floating shelves solid wood dakoda love solid oak floating shelves dakoda love wood wall mounted eased edge floating shelves solid wood white pine
Clean Edge Maple / Poplar Shelves Rugged Distressed Poplar Shelves Butcher Block Maple / Poplar Shelves Walnut Shelves Oak Shelves Eased Edge Chunky White Pine Shelves
Wood Type Solid Maple / Poplar Solid Poplar Solid Maple / Poplar Solid Walnut Solid Oak Solid White Pine
Wood Thickness 1.38" Thick 1.38" Thick 1.38" Thick 1.38" Thick 1.75" Thick 3" Thick
Length Options 24" - 48" Long 24" - 48" Long 24" - 48" Long 24" - 48" Long 24" - 60" Long 24" - 60" Long
Depth Options 6" - 10" Deep 6" - 10" Deep 6" - 10" Deep 8" Deep 8" - 12" Deep 11.5" Deep
Floating Bracket Medium Duty Uni-Bracket Medium Duty Uni-Bracket Medium Duty Uni-Bracket Medium Duty Uni-Bracket Heavy Duty Uni-Bracket Heavy Duty Uni-Bracket
Weight Rating 50-100 Pounds 50-100 Pounds 50-100 Pounds 50-100 Pounds 200+ Pounds 200+ Pounds
Colors Available 4 3 4 1 5 8
USD Range 120 - 280 (Set of 2) 125 - 295 (Set of 2) 125 - 295 (Set of 2) 200 - 360 (Set of 2) 175 - 395 (Single) 150 - 300 (Single)

Kyle amp; Derek

dakoda love family team floating shelves

Our Story

Even before DAKODA LOVE, we've always had a passion for USA handmade decor. In 2015, after having some long, slow experiences purchasing handmade items, Kyle started DAKODA LOVE with an idea to make authentic handmade decor faster and easier for customers to receive. After a couple years in business, and our small shelf offerings becoming very popular, we decided to open up shop in Derek's garage and realign our focus to produce many varieties, colors, and styles of floating shelves. Today, in our growing wood shop, we still maintain our small business feel, and employ 10 amazing people who all share our passion for woodworking.

The name DAKODA comes from the word for "friend" or "ally" in Lakota Sioux language, and nothing is more American than the Native's who've respected this land for thousands of years. LOVE stands for the passion we have for our craft, the beautiful products we create, and the people's lives we touch along the way.

When you purchase from us, you can be confident that all the money spent is going to support our national economy, and is not aiding inhumane manufacturing practices in other countries. This is a big deal for us, we could easily make prototypes and have them produced overseas, as many other companies do, but we have chosen to stay true to our values and keep our items made in the USA. Thank you for staying strong and passionate with us!

Our goal is to be the best handmade wood shelving company in the world, we will strive to surpass your expectations, and are always looking for ways to improve.

DAKODA LOVE Floating Shelves | Butcher Block | Solid Hardwood |

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