HIFROM 692519 Round Air Filter Pre-Filter Weekly update Oil Cartridge F Round,Pre-Filter,$14,Filter,Filter,marketingmindz.com,Air,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Power Tools,/malachite132.html,Cartridge,692519,HIFROM,F,Oil $14 HIFROM 692519 Round Air Filter Cartridge Pre-Filter Oil Filter F Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Power Tools $14 HIFROM 692519 Round Air Filter Cartridge Pre-Filter Oil Filter F Patio, Lawn Garden Outdoor Power Tools HIFROM 692519 Round Air Filter Pre-Filter Weekly update Oil Cartridge F Round,Pre-Filter,$14,Filter,Filter,marketingmindz.com,Air,Patio, Lawn Garden , Outdoor Power Tools,/malachite132.html,Cartridge,692519,HIFROM,F,Oil

HIFROM 692519 Round Air Filter Pre-Filter Weekly update Outlet sale feature Oil Cartridge F

HIFROM 692519 Round Air Filter Cartridge Pre-Filter Oil Filter F


HIFROM 692519 Round Air Filter Cartridge Pre-Filter Oil Filter F

Product description

Lawn Mower Air Filter with pre-filter:

Air filter size: OD: 7-3/4"(19.6cm), ID:5-1/2"(14cm), H:2-1/4"(5.65cm))
Air filter pre-cleaner Replacement for 692519 692520 4232, Oregon 30-087 30-974, Stens 102-119 102-664, Rotary 11795
Factory Lawn mower engine air filter and foam pre-cleaner, durable and excellent filter paper, metal mesh design, foam pre filter and air filter just like two doors, protecting engine, eliminate contaminating of dirt, dust and debris from the carburetor and engine,improves air flow and prevents dirt and dust.

Oil Filter:
Oil Filter Replacement for : 4154 492056 492932 492932S 695396 696854 795890 842921
Oil Filter Size: O.D: 3"; Height: 2-5/16"; Thread: 3/4"-16; 25 Micron

Air pre filter cleaner oil filter fuel filter line spark plug tune up maintenance kit fit:
Replacement for 356447 356477 358777 358776 358772
Replacement for 380442 380447 381442 385442 385446 380447 380777 380772 381446 381442 381447 381772 381777
Replacement for 541477 542477 543477
Replacement for 35, 38, 54 and 61 CID V-twin Vanguard engines

Air filter spark plug fuel filter line tune up kit easy to install. It is a great and inexpensive kit for your Lawn Mower machine to run smoothly.
Replaced the air fitler spark plug fuel filter tune up kit for your engien every 3 months to ensure peak performance of your engine, extend your engine life.

Package included:
1 x air filter with pre-cleaner
1 x oil filter
1 x fuel filter
2 x spark plug
1 x 2feet fuel line
2 x clamps

Note:This is Non original aftermarket Replacement Parts, please check the size and the pistures carefully for compatibility before ordering it.

HIFROM 692519 Round Air Filter Cartridge Pre-Filter Oil Filter F

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UMOON Productions is one of the most established Film Production Houses in Thailand.
Our International Production Team, with over 15 years of experience, can solve all your creative and cultural problems when filming abroad.
Our vast network of Clients, Agencies and Productions proves our strong expertise and high quality service in the Film Production industry.

UMOON Productions is at your service and here to meet your needs.

Our Clients